• Exercise Classes

Exercise Classes

Exercise Rehabilitation Classes

Exercise Rehabilitation Classes re-train your body to move more effectively.

We offer a supervised and highly specialised exercise programme designed specifically to assist people recovering from injury, rebuilding strength and core stability as well as improving flexibility, posture and general patterns of movement.

Our programs can be tailored to suit all ages and levels of fitness and are delivered by our highly trained and skilled physiotherapists. Attending Leading Edge Physiotherapy Exercise Rehabilitation Classes in Adelaide will help you return to your favourite activities, work and sport with confidence and control.

Class participants are required to undergo a comprehensive assessment of their injury with our physios including their strength, movement patterns and posture. Once the cause of your injury or discomfort has been established, a highly individualised exercise rehabilitation programme is developed.  You will then be taken through your programme by one of our physios in a small class environment. For most injuries, we suggest that you attend twice weekly for eight weeks, or as suggested by your physiotherapist.


Core Strengthening Exercise Classes

“Core Strength” (or Stabilisation) determines your body’s ability to dynamically control and support your spine via deep and specific muscles. 

Compromised core strength occurs with any form of back pain and can leave you vulnerable to repeat injury. However, research shows that you can reactivate and strengthen these muscles with guided retraining from a qualified physiotherapist who use a combination of sequenced machine-based and freestyle movements.

Our Core Exercise classes are designed to complement physiotherapy treatment or massage. Our trained physios will assess your core strength using a real-time ultrasound machine prior to commencing classes at Leading Edge.


We also offer specific and tailored Strength Training, Arthritis and Cardiac Surgery Recovery Classes. Please phone our Rose Park clinic to learn more.