The GLA:D Program

Education and exercise to take control of your hip and knee osteoarthritis

What is GLA:D?

GLAD Program

GLA:D, or, Good Life with osteoArthritis: Denmark, is an education and exercise program developed by researchers in Denmark for people with hip or knee osteoarthritis, (OA) symptoms.

It was brought to Australia in 2016 to help Australians with hip or knee OA and is currently run here as a non-for-profit initiative by La Trobe University.

What does it involve?

GLA:D Program

It begins with two education sessions run by a GLA:D qualified physiotherapist discussing what OA is and the best evidence on how to treat it. Just after this we take some time to get to know your hip or knee and collect some information using some questionaries and physical testing, to get an idea of how you are currently functioning. This information is important, as it helps us plan out your exercise program, but also gives us some data to come back to and compare with, after you have finished the program.

GLAD Program

This is followed by 12 exercise sessions, supervised by one of our physiotherapists to ensure you are confidently and accurately completing the exercises. These sessions are targeted towards improving symptoms associated with osteoarthritis, like pain and stiffness, and increasing function, so you can continue to enjoy the things you love and feel more comfortable when doing every-day tasks!

After completing the 12 exercise sessions, you will have a 3-month review with your physiotherapist, to compare your function against the original questionnaires and physical tests, that are completed before starting the program.

Research and the GLA:D program

GLA:D Program

This education and exercise program reflects the latest evidence in OA research. It also includes feedback from people with OA and trainers on what works in the real world to help patients manage OA symptoms.

Research from the GLA:D program in Australia found an average reduction in pain of 27% (hip) and 33% (knee), improved quality of life by 20% (hip) and 29% (knee), and reduced usage of pain medication by 45% (hip) and 49% (knee). It was also found that less people desired surgery after completing the program.

GLA:D may be helpful for you if you have the following symptoms:

  • Knee pain affecting your daily function
  • Hip or groin pain affecting your daily function
  • Limited walking capacity due to hip or knee pain or stiffness
  • Difficulty with tasks such as getting out of a chair or using stairs
  • Morning stiffness in the hip or knee

We run the GLA:D program at our Rose Park and Western Hospital locations. If you would like to be involved or learn more about it, get started by booking online or contacting either of our clinics.

Book your Initial GLA:D Education and Assemment session HERE.

For more information on the GLA:D program, you can also head to the GLA:D Australia website by clicking on the following link: