Shoulder Arthritis

Shoulder Arthritis (Osteoarthritis) is a common source of shoulder pain as you age. Basically, everyday wear and tear damages your shoulder joints. The chances of you suffering shoulder arthritis is increased if your shoulder has been overworked or injured.

As with all arthritis, researchers have confirmed that exercise is the best way of controlling arthritic pain, strengthening your muscles or keeping and improving your joint and muscle flexibility. Remember the old saying: “What you don’t use you lose!”

How do you treat shoulder arthritis?

Ultimately, exercises will improve both your pain and ability to move about everyday.

Exercises for shoulder arthritis should be commenced gently and carefully. Just as you can do too little, you can also do much.

Your Leading Edge Physiotherapist can guide you with what exercises are best for you and your stage of arthritis

We also have at hand a fantastic referral network of GPs, Sports Physicians and Orthopaedic Surgeons if your shoulder arthritis is unresponsive to conservative treatment.

I have shoulder arthritis, what should I do right now?

To help manage your injury as best as possible:
  • Avoid or modify activities and positions, which cause your pain. Recovery is easier if you stop irritating the shoulder.
  • Rest your arm on a pillow when sitting for prolonged periods
  • Use ice packs for 15 – 20 minutes regularly to help control the pain
  • Hug a pillow or rest your arm on a pillow during the night.
Your next step is to have your shoulder arthritis assessed by a Leading Edge Physiotherapist. Contact us or book online today.