Screening & Prevention

Musculoskeletal Screenings

At Leading Edge, we spend a lot of time helping sporting teams and individuals prevent injuries.

In the modern sporting era, player availability can determine the result of matches. We help you win more by preventing injuries in your team.

Musculoskeletal Screenings involve tests of muscle lengths, strengths and assessment of technique that are relevant to the sport the person is participating in. We search for factors predisposing an athlete to injury or a performance hindrance that needs to be highlighted and corrected. 

Screenings can also involve fitness testing to ascertain the athletes’ preparation for their sport. Comparing the data from these tests to “normal” values and those that have been shown to pre-dispose to injury allows us to quickly identify areas of concern.

The data is fed back to the patient and/or coach and this allows all parties to participate in the process – identifying which areas need to be addressed. Screening results are in a “traffic light” format, highlighting areas of concern in red, areas to work on in yellow and areas that appear satisfactory in green.

We specialise in catering for large groups and teams across;

/ Football (AFL)
/ Netball
/ Soccer
/ Athletics
/ Cycling
/ Water Polo
/ Swimming
/ Tennis
/ Golf  
/ Rowing
/ Cricket
/ Canoeing
/ Gymnastics
/ Hockey
/ Triathlon
/ Rugby Union
/ Basketball
/ Surf Life Saving

We regularly take school groups and sporting teams through this process and all parties find it an invaluable experience. The optimal time for testing is during pre-season for your sport due to availability and to implement corrective exercise routines early.

We can accommodate large groups at either of our practices and we can also go off-site to your club or school to make it more convenient for your athletes.


Sports Injury Prevention Programs

“Preparation is the key to success”.

At Leading Edge we are experts at providing advice and programs that help you succeed in your sport of choice for your upcoming event or season. 

Every individual and team has their strong points and weak points. Leading Edge Physiotherapists are trained to pick up these strong or weak points and develop programs to help improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

A great way to firstly assess the key areas to work on is to undergo a Musculoskeletal Screening or Biomechanical Analysis – either as a team or on an individual basis.

We offer;

/ Group exercise classes during pre-season periods
/ Individually tailored personal programs that can be done under supervision
/ Liaison with club Strength & Conditioning coaches to ensure team training plans are targeting relevant areas
/ Development of athlete monitoring programs to track progress of a team or athlete over time

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