Leading Edge Education Service 

As a group of Leading Edge physiotherapists we are passionate about sharing our expertise. We know for example that it takes 66 days to form a new habit and so we want you to know that we are on this journey with you.
Our goal is to get your back to YOUR best so that you can live life with confidence and the we do that by sharing our knowledge so you are armed with all the information.
We offer a variety of educational services to suit individuals, teams or corporate organisations.

Sports Injury Prevention Programs

Our physiotherapists can spot a team’s or individual team member’s weak points and turn them into a customised training program which helps improve performance and reduce the risk of injury throughout the season.

Our process usually begins with a Musculoskeletal Screening or Biomechanical Analysis, either as a team or on an individual basis.

We offer;

/ Group exercise classes during pre-season periods

/ Individually tailored personal programs that can be done under supervision

/ Liaison with club Strength & Conditioning coaches to ensure team training plans are targeting relevant areas

/ The development of athlete monitoring programs to track progress of a team or athlete over time

We have continued success with these programs and invite you to learn more by contacting 08 8364 6800.

Specialised Sports Workshops

Providing comprehensive and professional physiotherapy services to athletes and sporting teams is an integral part of our practice.

We have an intimate knowledge of sports and specialise in the following arenas;

/ AFL Football

/ Netball

/ Rowing

/ Canoeing

/ Athletics

/ Water Polo

/ Sailing

To learn more about our sports specialities, click here.

We can create clinically-led workshops for your team that educate on optimal form, performance techniques and importantly how to play to prevent injury in the first place.

Please call 08 8364 6800 to learn more.

Health & Wellbeing In The Workplace

General health and wellbeing is increasingly part of the conversation for corporate Australia, particularly as we all navigate returning to the office.

Our founders and leading physio experts James Trotter and Andrew Darcey are able to speak on a range of health optimisation techniques for your people including;

/ Foundations for a healthy lifestyle – diet & movement

/ How to incorporate movement into your everyday

/ Exercise and how it impacts your work life

/ Connecting the mind and body through movement

/ How you sit at work impacts your productivity

To learn more or request a customised presentation for your office, please call 8364 6800.