Why Your Desk Set-Up Sucks!

Why Your Desk Set-Up Sucks!

Are you an office worker?

Do you spend long periods of time sitting at the computer?

Do you suffer from aches and pains in the neck, shoulders and back?

If any of these are true, your desk set-up may need a fix-up!

5 tips to make you feel better at work

The 21st century is operating 24/7, with no limitation on the working day. As a result, we are spending longer and longer in a chair, at a desk or slumping over reading. To make things worse, we are not taking breaks to get up and move!

One way to reduce our pain in the neck is to fix your desk set-up with these 5 quick steps.

Step 1: Starting At The Bottom



Sitting in your chair, you should be able to place your feet flat on the ground with even support from your chair under your thighs. Make the angle of your hips and knees are slightly more than 90 degrees (or right angles). Adjust your backrest to allow you to relax in the chair whilst sitting tall.

Step 2: Let The Elbows Hang

When sitting at your desk, your elbows should be able to hang and not be resting up on the desk. This will allow your shoulders to relax and not be bunched up around your ears! If you find that your desk is too high and your feet are now not resting flat on the floor, you can add a footstool for support. If you are lucky and have an adjustable desk, change the height to best suit. Again, the elbows should be bent a little more than 90 degrees (or right angles)

Step 3: Don’t Reach For The Keyboard And Mouse

Sitting with your elbows bent a little more than right angle, place the keyboard and mouse under your hands. This will allow you to sit up tall and not slump over when trying to reach for the keyboard!

Step 4: Look Forward At The Screen

Lift the height of your computer or monitor. Bring the top of the computer screen to your eye level. This will allow you to sit up and take the pressure off your neck and upper back.

Step 5: MOVE IT!

Once your desk set up is complete, make sure you get up and go for a walk a few times an hour.

You don’t have to get a sweat up, just a quick hot-lap around the office will do!

Keeping the blood flowing and the muscles moving will pump oxygen to the muscles and clear the waste products which contribute to the aching feeling you get.