Why Now Is A Great Time To Start A Core Exercise Program

Why Now Is A Great Time To Start A Core Exercise Program - Leading Edge Physiotherapy

Winter is over and it’s time to look ahead to the warmer months.

If you have spent the last few months living in a bulky black coat the concept of wearing something more revealing can be more than a little daunting!

What a great time to get into a core strengthening program – there is still time to find your abdominals before the beach days strike!

Or perhaps you have spent winter on the sports field? (minus the bulky black coat)

Now is the best time to look ahead to the 2020 season. A great core strengthening program in the “off season” may help you achieve your peak performance next year. Poor core strength can contribute to lower back, hip and knee problems, and hamstring tears.

Perform your individualised core program in our Better Bodies Core equipment classes, or grab some mates and join our beginner’s Better Bodies Core Awaken matwork program where you can discover your core together.

8 Week Beginner’s Core Awaken Program (Henley Beach)

Starts Tues Oct 15th 7-8pm

Come And Try Core Awaken Matwork

Tues Oct 8th 7-8pm Henley Beach

Come And Try Core Equipment

Wed Oct 9th 6-7pm Rose Park