What’s The Story With The Colourful Tape On Athletes?

What’s The Story With The Colourful Tape On Athletes? - Leading Edge Physiotherapy

Have you noticed more and more athletes are appearing with multicoloured tape on their limbs these days?

While taping has been used for a long time by physiotherapists, technology has led to the development of these new products – called kinesiology tapes.  Leading Edge Physiotherapy exclusively uses Rock Tape, the leading brand of this revolutionary new tape.

Rock Tape is a special elasticated tape that is designed to be applied a range of body parts and individual purposes.




Using the tape on stretch it can provide support. It may stimulate sensory nerves to improve pain and help with feedback for a muscle or joint (physios call this proprioception).

Applying the tape to decompress structures can also help circulation and reduce swelling in acute injuries.

Rock Tape can be used just about anywhere. While it is not a “fix-all” it can be used in conjunction with other treatments to keep you moving well.

Leading Edge Physiotherapy is an authorised retailer of Rock Tape and our Physiotherapists regularly run training courses on how to use this revolutionary new product.

If you’d like to learn how this type of tape can help you then you should BOOK ONLINE and make an appointment with one of our trained physiotherapists.