Tradies Can Fix Most Things, But Not Themselves

Tradies Can Fix Most Things, But Not Themselves - Leading Edge Physiotherapy

The month of August is National Tradies Health Month.

Tradie's Health Month

As trade work is often physical in nature the risks of injuring or developing musculoskeletal issues (issues with the muscles, joints and bones of the body) increases.

This is why the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and Blue Steel have once again joined up to look after the people that look after us.

Lifting heavy objects, being stuck in awkward positions, does this sound familiar?

The sheer nature of trade work put larger loads on the neck, back, shoulders and knees. These often start off as a bit of a niggle or soreness but then can develop into more debilitating pain that can affect not only work but life outside it.


10 Tradies out of all of Australia ‘’that’s not much you say?’’.

Well when it all adds up it actually is. By the end of the years that’s 3650 tradies that have been put onto worker’s compensation. This is only accounting for the people that actually report their injuries!

The direct and indirect cost to the national economy of workplace injury to tradies has been estimated at more than $10 Billion per year!

Nearly a quarter of roofers, labourers and plumbers experience back pain, muscle stress and strain from lifting equipment or slip, trips and falls when handling work material.

Often ignoring the pain early on isn’t the best move, as further damage may be occurring and pushing through pain can mean more harm. More harm, well that usually means more time for the problem to get better. So it only makes sense to get that niggle treated before it becomes more of a pain.

Whether your back is sore from digging trenches, or the neck is giving you heck from being under benches come in and see one the Physiotherapists at Leading Edge to stop that niggle from becoming a pain.