Movement Motivation – “Find Your 30”

Movement Motivation – “Find Your 30” - Leading Edge Physiotherapy

You’ve heard the slogan, widely advertised in all varieties of media; backed by olympians and media personalities alike, but have you taken on the message?

“Find your 30” is the recent push by Sport Australia encouraging Australian adults to commit to achieving 30 minutes of physical activity everyday. Sounds simple enough, but the statistics prove otherwise.

Allow me to breakdown the issue based on statistics from 2014-2015:

  • 52% of adults aged 18-64 did not meet weekly physical activity recommendations
  • 75% of adults >65 years did not meet weekly physical activity recommendations

Even with work-related physical activity included in the weekly totals:

  • 55% of all adults in 2017-2018 did not meet recommended targets

Room for improvement, especially when you consider 67% of Australian adults were categorised as overweight or obese in 2017-2018.


Now with all this being said – let me be clear that we’re not expecting everyone to run the Adelaide Marathon or cycle part of the Tour Down Under – although that would be an excellent goal. Targets around weight loss, getting stronger, joining a team sport or just wanting to feel better are just as important.

This gives flexibility in exercise type, location, intensity and company. Whether you prefer to exercise alone or with a crew; slow or fast; indoors or outdoors, it truly doesn’t matter. What does matter, is that you enjoy it.

So if you are considering the change and can commit the time, you can look forward to reaping the benefits. More energy, improved sleep quality, better moods, greater productivity, just to name a few.

If you are motivated to change, we’re here to help – whether that be helping find an exercise you enjoy, creating a plan for long-term success as opposed to short-term frustration, or assisting with rehabilitation of the injury that is keeping you off the track.

Don’t wait for the new year resolutions, be bold, invest in your future health today!

Further information on the “Find your 30” initiative can be found on the Sport Australia website (