Leaking In Your Jocks? Best Get Your Plumbing Checked!

Leaking In Your Jocks? Best Get Your Plumbing Checked! - Leading Edge Physiotherapy

Well that’s got your attention!

It often takes something controversial to grab Men’s attention about things they often don’t want to acknowledge, let alone deal with.

The fact it that the issue of leaking urine or incontinence can be awkward topic for men.

It is not uncommon for men to have problems with the plumbing downstairs particularly after surgery for prostate cancer. Sometimes men feel they need to urinate more frequently or have small leaks when they exert themselves. This affects older men more but can occur at any age.


Often men don’t know what they can do or who to see about these leaking issues.

Pelvic floor exercises may improve your bladder control and get you back on track.

At Leading Edge Physiotherapy we know and understand bladder problems.

Education is important and knowing how your plumbing works can go a long way to helping you get control.

We use real time ultrasound to visualise how you are activating pelvic floor muscles and train them.

This is not invasive and we do it just below your belly button. More evidence is emerging that pelvic floor exercise can help men with continence issues and it may also improve erectile function. You can be comfortable speaking to our male therapists about any of your problems.

If you are getting frustrated by a leaky bladder or find you’re going to the toilet more often, book in an appointment with one of our physios so we can help you get back on track and move with confidence.