Leading Edge Can Put The Spring Back In Your Step!

Leading Edge Can Put The Spring Back In Your Step! - Leading Edge Physiotherapy

Now that the sun is shining it’s time to get moving again and undo those winter excesses!

Getting back into, or starting exercise can be daunting… especially if you have an ongoing injury or pain. Starting an exercise program without getting a problem assessed can lead to a short lived fitness kick. How do you exercise safely without aggravating yourself so that you have to stop?

Did you know that a Leading Edge Physiotherapist can assess, manage and help you to resolve your injuries? They can also provide advice and assistance with exercise programs especially designed to manage your injuries and get you moving.

If you enjoy group exercise our Term 4 Beginner Pilates programs are an excellent introduction to exercise. Gentle core strengthening, spinal mobility exercises and relaxation will gently exercise your body. All you need to do is be able to get on and off the floor.

Our FREE Come and try Pilates Matwork classes are on Mon Oct 9th 6pm (Rose Park) and Tues Oct 10th 7pm (Henley Beach).

If getting on and off the floor is a challenge Leading Edge can assist you with a personalised exercise or Pilates Equipment program.

Leading Edge can help you put the spring back in your step.