Is Your Body Missing Your Physiotherapist?

Is Your Body Missing Your Physiotherapist? - Leading Edge Physiotherapy

Has your body been put through some big changes over the last few weeks due to COVID-19 restrictions?

You may be working from home due to social distancing in an unusual workstation. Your desk setup may not be quite right- spending hours working with your computer at the wrong height and suddenly you are developing a very tight neck and headaches.

Gym and exercise class closures may have led to sudden changes in your exercise regime. You may find yourself riding a bike for the first time in 30 years, or running after quite some time. Let alone those fun online exercise programs that you are attempting to do with your kids…. You’ve found muscles you haven’t used in years and they seem to be having a protest at their awakening!

Or perhaps you are self- isolating and too frightened to go out and go for a walk or to exercise. You may be getting a very tight back from all that Netflix bingeing!

Many of us are stressed with COVID-19. The loss of human touch due to social distancing is very difficult. There is financial stress and the stress of change and uncertainty. This is creating many people with very tight necks and backs, an area where we often hold stress in our bodies.

As essential health care workers, Physiotherapists are still open for consulting and we can help get your body feeling happy again.

Physiotherapists are trained to assess and diagnose your injury, and can offer advice and exercise therapy to assist the management of your ongoing problems.

If your body needs help during the COVID-19 alert we are here for you!