Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention - Leading Edge Physiotherapy

As people start to get back into winter sports training aches and pains start to creep back into their life.

Aches, pains, sprains and strains are not normal and can often be prevented. Physiotherapists not only help treat injuries but can also help in avoiding them.

A number of factors relevant to your lifestyle or sport may contribute to the aches and pains you feel. People often rush to get back into physical activity when the body is not yet ready.

Limited flexibility, strength, endurance, balance, core stability, poor posture, technique and equipment can all lead to injury.

Muscle tears due to poor strength, flexibility or conditioning are common.

Poor balance can lead knee and ankle sprains or falls.

A lack of core stability and postural control can increase the risk of back pain amongst other complaints. Inadequate footwear can cause problems, whilst taping and protective braces may prevent or lessen the impact of some injuries.

There are many ways in which physiotherapists can help reduce your likelihood of injury.

Physiotherapists are highly trained to provide education, manual techniques, exercises and practical advice which is tailored to the individual based on their goals.

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