How To Prevent Injuries In Football – The Fifa 11+

How To Prevent Injuries In Football – The Fifa 11+ - Leading Edge Physiotherapy

To mark the 2014 FIFA World Cup, we are bringing to you perhaps the best piece of information that your Football (Soccer) team can get.

How to prevent injuries to your team.

This video runs you through a summary of the FIFA 11+ – a dedicated warm-up program designed specifically to reduce the chance of injuries in Football (Soccer).  The full, detailed, version of these exercises can be found on our YouTube Channel HERE.

The FIFA 11+ was designed by a panel of experts from around the world.  These people are experts in jury prevention, and they have come up with an easy-to-perform set of warm-up exercises that can literally half the amount of injuries that your team may suffer from.

Research has shown that teams that have implemented The 11+ into their warm-up have reduced injuries by 35%, with more severe injuries reduced by 48%.