Do Your Kids Have A Pain In The Neck?

Do Your Kids Have A Pain In The Neck? - Leading Edge Physiotherapy

Are your Children complaining of Neck, Back Pain or Headaches?

You may want to check how much time they are spending playing computer games and on the internet.

Whilst the upcoming school holidays is often a time when the kids cause us a “pain in the neck”, this is often a time when we see many children and young adults in the clinic with back, neck pain and headaches.

Some of them are spending up to 12 hours a day sitting in awkward positions playing using computers for school work or games.

Some suggestions we have to avoid these problems developing include:

  • Restricting the maximum time spent playing games or on the computer to 2 hours per day

  • Encouraging good sitting posture

  • Having a break every half hour

  • Encouraging some daily exercise/play.

Even just a few days spent with these long periods of time sitting can start to cause problems.

If your child is suffering – the first thing is to turn off the computer and get them moving.

If the pain is persisting, then physiotherapy treatment can ease the tension in muscles and joints, and quickly make them feel much better.