Do You Make Time For Your Own Health & Wellbeing?

Do You Make Time For Your Own Health & Wellbeing? - Leading Edge Physiotherapy

Our lives today are so busy it can be hard to find time to exercise, let alone “me” time.

Running around after the kids, working or running a busy household can make you feel stressed out, run down and unhealthy.

Pilates Pose

Leading Edge Pilates may be just what you need to get you through the week!

Pilates has many benefits such as reducing back pain and improving flexibility. An additional benefit you may not have considered is the improved sense of wellbeing you feel after performing pilates.

The nature of pilates requires you to focus on your body, how it is moving and how it is feeling which can help us to be more mindful.

The repetitive, rhythmic exercise motions combined with a breathing focus are an excellent way to enhance your mood, relaxation and sense of wellbeing.

Our Pilates Matwork classes also give you relaxation time with gentle music, so you can take some “me time” – a few minutes to release stress from your mind and body.

You may feel so good you forget you are also getting the benefits of core stability exercises…

And the best part… Pilates is suitable for almost everyone! 

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