Beat The Winter Belly Bulge! Our Sure-Fire Way To Get You Moving…

Winter has arrived!

We love to warm up with wine by an open fire, drinking hot chocolates, eating those fabulous puddings and comfort food.

We wear our baggy tracksuit pants, oversized jumpers and parkers.

Cuddling up on the couch is far more preferable than heading out for a walk.

And we let our winter tummies hang out… why not…no one can see them…


But summer is coming again with bathers, bikinis, singlet tops and sundresses so don’t let yourself turn into a winter pudding. Join our Physiotherapist led Pilates classes to beat the winter belly bulge.

Pilates exercises are perfect for toning and tighten your abdominals and giving you lean limber limbs. Leading Edge Pilates classes are suitable for all fitness levels and are held inside so the weather is no obstacle.

Come on- get off the couch. Protect your back, tone your abdominals and make summer tummy time easier for yourself!

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Henley Beach Tues July 11th 7-8pm

Rose Park Wed July 26th 7-8pm